Webinars organised by Cramér Society

It is the aim of Cramér Society to organise 1-2 webinars per semester, starting in spring 2021.

February 4, 2021. Yudi Pawitan (Karolinska institutet):
Epistemic confidence, the Dutch Book and relevant subsets

Webinars at Swedish universitites

Below are links to some homepages for seminars at Swedish universities – not organised by Cramér Society, but presented for researchers’ convenience at this webpage. Starting in 2020, seminars are often given online by Zoom, and hence possibly accessible for a larger audience than conventionally.

To recieve the proper Zoom link, please use the contact information at the relevant homepage.

Linköping University:
The LiU seminar series in statistics and mathematical statistics
IDA machine learning seminars

Stockholm University (Dept. of Statistics): Seminar in statistics

Uppsala University (Dept. of Statistics): Seminar in statistics

Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg:
Analysis and probability Statistics seminar Computational mathematics

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