The Statistical Association (Statistiska föreningen), founded in 1901, was an independent non-profit organization for the exchange of experiences, debate and development in the field of statistics. The association was for both producers and users of statistical information. The Swedish statistician community (Svenska statistikersamfundet) was formed in 1962 and was an independent non-profit organization and an association of statisticians and mathematical statisticians in Sweden. In 2007, the decision to merge the two unions, and Swedish Statistical Society (Svenska statistikfrämjandet), was formed.

The society’s purpose is, inter alia, to promote research and training in statistical science and provide a forum for discussion of statistical applications and ethical issues in the field of statistics. As a member of the Swedish Statistical Society, you will get among other things, Qvintensen, a member magazine (two to four issues per year) and the society’s e-mail distribution (consisting of invitations to member meetings, conferences and training courses and job advertisements in statistics). In addition we also have a blog and a LinkedIn group.

The membership fee is 200 SEK. To become a member, send an e-mail with your address to our secretary: