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About FMS

The Swedish Society for Medical Statistics (Föreningen för medicinsk statistik, FMS) was founded in 1987. It is one of four sections of the Swedish Statistical Society (Statistikfrämjandet).

FMS brings together biostatisticians from academia, industry, and government. The aim of FMS is to stimulate the development and proper use of statistics in medicine, public health, and in the pharmaceutical industry.

FMS organises one meeting each spring and autumn, where current issues in biostatistics are presented and discussed. The spring meeting is held jointly with the annual meeting of the FMS. Every second year, the autumn meeting is organised together with the Danish Society for Biopharmaceutical Statistics.

In addition to organising meetings, FMS distributes information on upcoming events, such as courses and scientific meetings. FMS also contributes to Qvintensen, a periodical published quarterly by the Swedish Statistical Society.

FMS awards scholarships each year to help statisticians in their professional development. FMS also awards a prize for best student paper of the year.

FMS is a member of the European Federation of Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (EFSPI). Through EFSPI, FMS participates in discussions about the European Union’s statistical guidelines and current issues in the pharmaceutical industry.  

FMS currently has about 200 members. It also has 4 partner organisations, who help sponsor its work. The board consists of biostatisticians from industry, academia, and government. The current board members are Sandra Eloranta (chair), Therese Andersson (treasurer), David Bock (secretary), Jonathan Bergman (website editor), Anna Grimby Ekman, Josefine Röhss, Anna Torrång (FMS representative at EFSPI), José Sánchez (FMS representative at EFSPI), and Per Liv (FMS representative at Swedish Statistical Society).

For more information about FMS, about how to become a member, or about how to become a partner organisation, please contact the board at