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The Swedish Society for Medical Statistics, FMS (Föreningen för Medicinsk Statistik) is a subsection of the Swedish Statistical Society (Svenska Statistikfrämjandet), an association for all fields of statistics and statisticians: medicine, industry, surveys and official statistics, education and research. Statisticians as well as users of statistics and other ”friends of statistics” are welcome as members.

FMS organizes statisticians within the medical area, i.e. in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in other medical research, public or private, and in biostatistical research and education. The main objective of FMS is to stimulate the development and promote the use of new and established statistical methods within the medical sector as well as within the areas of pharmaceutical industry and public health.

To achieve this, FMS organizes courses and scientific meetings, typically 2-4 meetings each year. Regular such meetings are the combined spring/annual meeting and a fall meeting. Every other year we co-organize meetings with our sister-associations in Denmark (DSBS) and Finland (SSL).

In addition to organizing meetings, FMS distributes information on scientific meetings, courses, EFSPI information etc. FMS also promotes discussions on applications or statistical issues through articles in Qvintensen, a quarterly magazine published by the Swedish Statistical Society.
FMS was founded in 1987 and we recently celebrated our 25th anniversary. There are almost 300 members and as of today there are 4 partners (see ”Våra partner” on the right).

The FMS board can be contacted at FMSstyrelse@gmail.com

For meeting minutes and annual reports in Swedish, please click here

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